Monday, March 9

Our flights left the Pittsburgh Int’l Airport at the dark and early hour of 5:40 am on Monday, March 9. I don’t think any of us slept that night, since we had to leave CMU between 2:30-3:30am. We had a layover in Houston, and eventually arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras around 1pm, their time (2 hour difference). At the airport, we met a lot of the Global Brigades (GB) staff that we would become very close with by the end of the week. Marco was our leader, coordinator, and the professional engineer of the water project we would be working on. Juancarlos was our translator, Luis was one of our drivers, and Wilbur was our guard/police officer. We had a long 7-hr drive from San Pedro Sula, through the capital city of Tegucigalpa, and eventually to San Lorenzo, Valle right after the long plane ride — see map of Honduras below. San Lorenzo is on the coast of El Gulfo de Fonseca, located in the center of the gulf coastline.

Map of Honduras

Of course we were all starving upon arrival, so we stopped at El Gallos mas Gallo in San Pedro Sula for a quick Honduran meal.

Honduran fast food

A lot of us fell asleep during the drive, but I stayed awake just to take in the beautiful landscape and practice my Spanish with our driver, Luis. The Northern and Central parts of the country are very green, hilly, and relatively water-rich compared to the Southwest.

Somewhere along the drive between SPS and Teguc.

Somewhere along the drive between SPS and Teguc.

Once it got dark, the drive got a little more hectic – there are no street lights, and the roads are very hilly and windy. We eventually made it to our compound in San Lorenzo, where we were greeted by some groups from different universities. We joined them for a much needed dinner after getting a tour of the compound. The compound was a hotel/club with hotel/dorm-style rooms, including A/C and decent showers. The outside had a pool, dance floor, hammock, bar, and a decent ice cream selection 😉 These were much more comfortable amenities than I would have expected!

Tomorrow we will get a tour of and learn more about the water project we came down here to work on.

Hasta mañana – Ruari


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