Wednesday, March 11 – Intercultural & Educational Fair

After breakfast we drove to Los Hatillos for the Fair, where we quickly made and hung our poster on “La Contaminación del Océano.” Each university set up at different tent, and presented different educational topics. Six groups of about 20 children each came to our presentation. It was quite a challenge presenting in Spanish, so Marco and Juancarlos helped out when necessary. We first had the children draw pictures of the ocean with different marine life, and after we explained what pollution was, they then added images of garbage and litter to their drawings. Overall, I think it went pretty well, and the kids learned about the dangers of ocean pollution, and how they can lend a hand by not littering.

For lunch, there were different food stations with local Honduran food options. I ate tostada topped with pickled beets, carrots, onions, herbs and shredded beef, with a drink called morro – a thick, white, milky drink that has a faint cinnamon taste – drank from a plastic bag. Both the tostada and morro were delicious!


Eating lunch and drinking morro at the Intercultural Fair – Kacey (L) and Ruari (R).

After lunch, we watched some local children dance, and each university showcased popular American dances, as well.


Honduran children dancing.

To finish off the day, there was a fútbol game between the Americans and Hondurans. It’s safe to say that everyone was exhausted by the end of the day – after playing with the children, dancing, and playing soccer – all in ~100 degree heat. We learned a lot hanging out with the kids, and eating local food, and I hope they learned something worthwhile from us, as well.


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