Friday, March 13 – Full Day’s Work & La Playa Del Amor

We continued our trench digging work that we started yesterday, and worked from 9am – 3pm with a lunch break at noon. We had blue skies and ~100°F heat, so we all lathered on sunscreen on the bus ride to Los Hatillos. Our GB staff members were adamant about us taking breaks and drinking lots of water and gatorade so that we didn’t get dehydrated. We all had some sort of hat or bandana – or both – to protect ourselves from the sun as much as we could. I know I looked pretty goofy with my bandana, but at least my neck didn’t get burned!


Me shoveling the trench.

Steven and I were partners for trench digging, so he pick axed and I shoveled. Steven got a few lessons from Chevo on how to pick ax big rocks out of the hard soil, so by this point, we pretty much had the hang of it, and we were able to work efficiently and effectively.

For lunch, we ate delicious local mangoes, which I had been waiting for since we arrived! Mangoes are by far my favorite fruit, and locally grown mangoes are better than anything you can get in a grocery store at home. I never had these kind before – they were small with green skin and a little tangier than others I’ve had, but equally as delicious 🙂

After lunch we went back to the compound briefly before going to a beach in Choluteca on La Bahia de San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Bay). We took a boat from the beach to a small island called La Playa del Amor. We got to the beach at dusk as the tides were rising, gradually covering the smallest islands and sand bars. The shores were lined with mangroves which were home to a host of birds and fish.



The scenery was beautiful and the sun was just starting to set. Most of us walked among the islands in the fairly shallow water while Victor and I swam around for a bit. Victor spoke very little English, so I had fun practicing my Spanish with him. The water was warm and very salty, so it was easy to float. On the way back to the boat we had to fight the currents and a jelly fish sting, but we eventually made it.


Dusk at La Playa del Amor

Later that night we had our fiesta for our last night at the compound. Tomorrow we will be making the long venture to San Pedro Sula to stay for the night before catching our flight on Saturday morning. I was very sad to be leaving, and wished I could have stayed in Honduras for much longer…


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