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Why GWB? By Devon

I believe my compatriots already hit home the importance of a clean, safe water supply for a rural community, and it is rather simple. Time that people spend getting safe water without an easy source is time better spent working to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. GWB hopes to create that easy source for rural communities so that the people who live in them can work towards this goal. Further than that, GWB develops a relationship with the community to assure that the projects its teams create are maintained and continue to serve the communities they were built for.

Potent, sustainable change. That’s what I personally hope to foster by participating in this trip. I personally have taken part in two service trips before GWB, one with AMIGOS de las Americas and another with Walking Tree Travel. The former’s idea of change was doing a small project, decided upon by the leaders of the rural community to which I went, and trying work with the community to foster a culture of betterment and sustainability. Unfortunately, the project I worked on was so insignificant that it had almost no effect, and I’m sure by today everyone but the family I lived with forgot what it was altogether. With the latter organization I felt that we completed a sizable project that would have a real impact on the community, but we largely did it by ourselves. When it was done it felt unsettling that the statement was, “Look what we built for them.” This was surely not sustainable.

These experiences behind me, from what I have seen and heard of GWB, I believe we will accomplish the best of both of these. I truly believe that we can work with the community to build a project that changes peoples and ultimately is a sustainable construct that lasts long enough to make a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives.