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Why GWB? By Sabrina

This probably goes without saying, but water is a vital resource. Our bodies are two-thirds water. Oceans make up over 95% of water. This is a resource that is right at our fingertips, and yet obtaining it is a daily problem that the people of Honduras must face.

I chose to participate in Global Water Brigades this year because I wanted to make a noticeable difference and go out of my comfort zone. I’ve had my fair share of Pittsburgh (I was born and raised here), and even though I love the city, I spent last year’s spring break and this summer here. I have seen my fellow classmates venture out into the unknown, so I thought, Why can’t I do the same thing but use my time toward a cause I believe in while doing it? I know that time is valuable and should not be wasted, so when I found out that GWB was starting a chapter at CMU, I immediately knew I wanted to help lay the foundation of this new organization on campus.

I am excited to be immersed in a completely different culture for a great cause. I am a person of experience and definitely plan on living in every moment of this trip. And I believe that we will make an impact.