Why GWB? By Ruari

Access to a sufficient supply of water and the means to treat that water to potable standards are basic human necessities – without the adequacy of both, communities cannot sustain. I feel strongly that no one should have to center his or her life on the hunt for water. This is valuable time that could be spent caring for children, getting an education, or working for an income – time spent building an improved community. Citizens most affected by a lack of access to clean water tend to be women and children. Reliable access to this fundamental resource will grant them an equal opportunity to become contributing, productive members of society.

GWB is a program that safely and effectively connects relatively privileged people to those in less fortunate communities in the developing world; without the infrastructure of GWB, it would be much more difficult to manage proper outreach projects. As a Civil and Environmental Engineering master’s student focusing on water quality engineering and science, and I am excited to apply my education to a practical and impactful project.

Through the GWB trip to Honduras, I know I will grow as a person while providing people with a basic human need that they currently lack. In the United States, we have the privilege to complain about such things and the smell of sulfur or the residue of calcium in our water. It is difficult to imagine a life revolved around finding the next source of water (clean or not) to keep a family alive.

Through my experience traveling, I have learned that people everywhere simply want to be happy and to provide a decent life for their families. Providing access to clean drinking water is the first basic step in this quest, and through Global Water Brigades, I will be able to lend a hand with a great group of people!



Why GWB? By Sabrina

This probably goes without saying, but water is a vital resource. Our bodies are two-thirds water. Oceans make up over 95% of water. This is a resource that is right at our fingertips, and yet obtaining it is a daily problem that the people of Honduras must face.

I chose to participate in Global Water Brigades this year because I wanted to make a noticeable difference and go out of my comfort zone. I’ve had my fair share of Pittsburgh (I was born and raised here), and even though I love the city, I spent last year’s spring break and this summer here. I have seen my fellow classmates venture out into the unknown, so I thought, Why can’t I do the same thing but use my time toward a cause I believe in while doing it? I know that time is valuable and should not be wasted, so when I found out that GWB was starting a chapter at CMU, I immediately knew I wanted to help lay the foundation of this new organization on campus.

I am excited to be immersed in a completely different culture for a great cause. I am a person of experience and definitely plan on living in every moment of this trip. And I believe that we will make an impact.